Turn-Key Solutions

turn-key solutions (C) Adret LLCIn addition to handling larger projects, we also offer a number of turn-key solutions:

  • Geologic Prognoses for planned wells
    • Include automated and precise calculations of formation dip, swing-out, landing point, lateral length, etc.
    • Include map and cross-section views illustrating surface hole, landing point, and bottom-hole locations relative to bounding formations (serve as quick visual QC tools to reaffirm that calculations are done correctly)

  • 4-point Pseudo Surveys for planned wells
    • Automatically generated from and included with each geologic prognosis
    • Compatible with O&G industry mapping software (Petra, Geographix, Kingdom, etc.)
    • Clearly shows surface-hole location, kick-off point, landing point, and bottom-hole location… in three dimensions (e.g., within seismic and on development-plan maps)
    • Readily recognized as being planned wells (while not being mistaken as drilled wells)
    • Rapidly implementable, allowing all the benefits of visualization without having to wait for an official drilling plan from a surveying company
  • Adjusted Pilot Hole Logs for Geosteering (thickening or thinning stratigraphic intervals where warranted)
    • MWD logs in the landing curves of lateral wells often demonstrate changes in stratigraphic sub-unit thicknesses compared to the nearest pilot holes, warranting an adjustment of the pilot hole logs prior to geosteering
    • Adjusting stratigraphic intervals improves ease of geosteering and accuracy of end product
      • Helps prevent false faults and exaggerated dips in geosteering interpretations
    • Improved geosteers also improve communication with management, completions engineers, drilling engineers, reservoir engineers, etc.
      • Helps avoid flawed completion, drilling, and field development plans based on unrepresentative geosteers
    • Allows data extracted from geosteers to more accurately improve seismic velocity models
    • Improved stratigraphic correlations aid in improving multivariate modeling (e.g., for enhancing future well placement, wellbore design, completion design, etc.)


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